I love to try wines whenever I get the chance in Margaret River, or Tamar valley in Tassie whenever I get the chance, sometimes they’re great sometimes not so much, and as much as I hate to say it sometimes they are quite blatantly racist. I’m asian ethnically-wise even though I was born here, and have lived here my entire life, however some of the wineries in Margaret River were downright rude when they acknowledged us, you might not notice anything if you do visit some of these places, but in case you’re like me and can’t stand it, I’ve decide to show my blacklist of places I refuse to ever go to again (Its quite small cause I’ve blocked out quite a few of them).

I’ve also added my awesome lists of tasting places (I’ve included places other than just wine as well just for the hell of it) that I just love to keep going to (I’ve also added hyperlinks to the webpages of these places if you want to check them out further), and the good list and the ok list, I haven’t added a sucks list as the wine is constantly changing here so I pretty much just put them all in the ok list, keep in mind though that I haven’t been to some of these places in a while so I can’t actually say for certain if they are still as good as they once were. If you do go there please let me know what you think ūüôā


  1. Laurance Winery – the wine is standout here, and the staff are all incredibly friendly, it is my favourite winery to visit at the moment Laurance Winery on Urbanspoon
  2. Eagle Bay Brewing Cofantastic service, delicious food, great atmosphere
  3. Yahava Koffee Works -coffee, coffee, coffee. More, More, More! I think that says it all!


  • The Berry Farm– Its actually not a great place for wine, but I love their relishes
  • Credaro –¬†fantastic service, delicious wine- the SBS is delicious with a great finish and the chardonay is lovely, the reds are great as well,
  • Evan’s and Tate¬†– I love ¬†their use of lemongrass in there wines that adds a smokey flavour, the staff however aren’t as good as the last time I went there,
  • Gabriel Chocolate-¬†mmmchocolate
  • the Margaret River Chocolate Company– the chocolate is delicious, and the atmosphere is great! I’ve been going there for donkey years
  • Sandalford Wines–¬†Fantastic staff, nice wines
  • Windance wines–¬†hmmm not bad! don’t be put off by the road into the place, the roosters crowing, and the shed like cellar door, there is fantastic service and delicious reds, we ¬†just loved the Tokay here as well.


  • Bootleg Brewery
  • Cullen wines –¬†too much of a gap between its wines, they are either average price and suck or good but extremely expensive – and thus not worth it
  • Driftwood Estate-¬†nice service, average wine
  • Flame Tree wines-¬†wines not brilliant but the staff are very nice, actually ended up buying their balsamic dressing instead!
  • Flying Fish Cove –¬†just ok, for those who prefer a more sweet wine
  • Grayln Estate¬†– this is for all you port drinkers out there, this winery specialises in Ports and offers a very nice change of pace
  • Happs Vineyard & Pottery¬†– lovely pottery and they actually have sulphite free wines ūüôā
  • Howling Wolves Wines-¬† their wine isn’t very good yet but the service is great, and hey the non alcoholic wine (verjuice) is good
  • Knee Deep Restaurant and Winery– there wine is actually pretty good, shame about the pompous service though
  • Lenton Brae Wines¬†– very light wine, they use vats not barrels for their wines
  • the Margaret River Nuts and Cereals
  • Saracen Estate & Duckstein Brewery –nice staff but not so good wines, not very good beers either
  • Swings & Roundabouts – just ok
  • Windows Estate –¬†nice place but not very good wines
  • Wise Wine– just ok would love to see how there latest wine ages though
  • Woody Nook– it’s ok, dad liked the port here

Blacklist -(They’re racist)in other words don’t ever go there!

  • Hay Shit Hill Wines(its actually¬†Hay Shed Hill)– ¬†man they’re horrible
  • The Margaret River Dairy Company– that old cow working there is such a racist b**** I really hate this place
  • The Margaret River Fudge Factory- ugh
  • Vasse Felix-¬†they just don’t serve you as attentively or as quickly as others

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