Extravagant Exquisite Baking Adventures (nothing good happens after 12.30 am)

Oooh baby! Tonight’s the night we had a ball of fun… no not like “that” you sly character… fun with baking! Red velvet cupcakes, scrumptious chic choc chick cookies. Jay’s “special” brownies, warning label on that, and soon to be incarnated echidna slices. Yeah baby!

Lastly I’ll leave you with a few secret kitchen secrets. Things I’ve learned today. Always shut the door so your cupcakes cool slowly. Butter doesn’t magically melt by itself, chuck some hot water under that good thing. Don’t get yourselves into a mess with a broken beater, cube your butter so it becomes soft like a cushion or your friend’s bosom. After sifting, discard the unsifted part, don’t go a-shovin it back into that mix. Don’t sleep while the cookies are in the oven, you’ll miss out on all the action.

Yours lovingly Ana. No just kidding it’s everyone’s favourite pal, Otis.