The Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery

Tasting Selection at Lark Distillery

You may not know this but we (AJ and CN) are huge whisky fans. We may not know how to decribe whisky like those experts but we sure know how to enjoy them. Having recently read about amazing Tassie whisky, we decided to give Lark Distillery a shot(Muhahahaha). It was conveniently located in the city right next to the wharf.

We got to taste 4 for price of 15 dollars which we split between 4 of us(Umm saliva backwash whisky). While the first two were okay, the third which was the Single Malt Cask Strength which was mmmdelicious. So mmdelicious that CN gulped it down before AO even got a sip.We would have loved to take some back home but unfortunately at 55 dollars for a 100ml, it was a tad too dear for our student budget(Can’t wait to actually earn money)

AJ and CN


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