The Drunken Admiral – Hobart – Review


The Admiral’s Smoky Fish Stew


Rating: 4.8/5.0 stars

Rating: 4.8/5.0 stars


Ahoy mateys!! Exams are finally over and we find ourselves in Hobart celebrating food, wine, cheese and of course lots of chocolate. We have a couple of new bloggers to introduce. We have Chocolate Ninja(CN), Agent Orange(AN) and some random commenters who are with us here in Tassie.

So after seeking out the best seafood in Tassie, we came across the Drunken Admiral which well lived up to expectations. What is it with cool place names in Tassies. Aka Sleepy Bay, Hazards Beach, Wineglass Bay, Break-me-neck hill. So amusing!

As we found ourselves approaching the entrance of the restaurant, we were bemused by the nautical themed exterior with life size pirates, cannons and all-round awesome ship stuff. It was a cosy restaurant with plenty of nooks and crannies for tables and the decor suited the theme perfectly. With the epic music, it created quite the festive and intimate environment. Although it doesn’t quite feel like it, it was rather spacious and we managed to book a table quite late on the day that we decided to pop by.

There was a fantastic menu on board(Couldnt help it) with appropriately whimsical Tassie names(Hook line and sinker, The Chocolate Merchants Mistress, The Captain’s Tart etc spring to mind.

Being in prime seafood country we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the Oysters Served Traditionally with lemon on a mountain of sea salt(CN and AJ were amused). The oysters were incredibly fresh and mmmdelicious! I would love to come back and try the other flavoured ones.

Funny story: The oysters were SO FRESH that one of them had a worm still wriggling on it. Unfortunately we spotted this only after we swallowed them down and AJ turned green. We called over one of the crew members(Again couldnt help it) and voiced our shock. The waiter was also surprised and called over the manager who proclaimed that it was quite normal for worms to slip by as they were super freshly shucked. Cue confused faces and a free oyster for our 6 man crew.

We also tried the Sea salt and peppercorn squid which was quite scrumptious with a lovely thin batter that showed off the squid.

But the best dish of the day hands down was the Seafood chowder which can only be described as a painfully small scoop of heaven. 6 people were swordfighting with spoons to wolf down what they could with AO wanting to lick the bowl like the dog he is. Definitely my number 1 rated seafood chowder and it has definitely ruined seafood chowder everywhere else for me.

Now on to the mains

Pictured above at the top is the Admiral Smoky Fish Stew which was a delicious broth that had us ordering 2 freshly baked Vienna loaves to shamelessly soak and devour.

We also had the Port-Starboard Main which consisted of everything in the sea bar a boat. Yes we had Octopus, Raw tuna, crackers salmon pate, delicious scallops(Cue round 2 of swordfight), cocktail prawns and the shooter of bloody mary with an oyster. Off all the mains that we ordered, this was the least impressive but it was still pretty damn good.

Last but not least, we had the White Star Line First Class Spaghettini(which sunk us into a food coma). A tad oily perhaps but amazing flavors with perfectly cooked prawns.(This has changed AO’s seafood favourite from scallops to prawns)

Desert seemed a necessity to complete an otherwise epic meal and we quite quickly settled on the The Chocolate Merchant’s Mistress with its Tasmanian whisky chocolate sauce and macadamia nut ice cream. It was a good ending to a great meal but we thought the fudge was pretty average.

All in all, this was a fantastic dining experience and we are already conjuring up excuses to return to the good Admiral’s abode. Hopefully there will be more posts in the coming year.

Signing Off,

Ana John(AJ), Chocolate Ninja(CN) and Agent Orange(AO)





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