Gourmet Star -Review


1.5 stars

Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars

Well this place was just such a let down. I really was tempted to give it a fail rating but then it is still a new place and the char kweh trow was not bad. But jeez it was just terrible. The location of this new restaurant was the old Satay Mu, a place that our family recently used to haunt as its on the way from where I live to Perth. We normally call by this restaurant and this time we had found it changed owners and was now the Gourmet Star Restaurant. It actually had a lot of customers, my only reasoning was that it was cheap, it had a good location, or the day I went it was just an off day. It served dim sum, in which we ordered a wide variety of dumplings, and the usual chicken feet and char siuw pow. They were awful, the dumplings especially, they had obviously been frozen dumplings. The dumpling skin was thick and chewy and not fun to eat, the filling was tasteless, and there was no delicious freshly cooked smell. The combinations were actually gross, I didn’t even finish mine, one bite was enough, I even gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried a bite from each of the dumpling types we ordered and they all were awful. The chicken feet was ok, the car siuw pow was not brilliant, with more covering then actual filling and their “chinese donut rice flour roll” had a badly balanced sauce, and for some reason was really really oily. The lunch menu however was better, the char kway teow was good and the noodles was not too bad, so hopefully they either really improve the dim sum menu, or just scrap it completely and focus on a good, fresh lunch menu.

Either way I won’t ever be back, and will mourn the loss of Satay mu.

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