Alps & Amici -Gourmet shop

I love going to gourmet shops and checking out the local produce, the delicious desserts and pastries, the deli section and the fantastic selection of meats. I’m currently in Launceston and have discovered this gourmet shop and am in love with its Dan’s kitchen section. It’s perfect for where I’m staying, as they provide ready to cook food, that after a longs day work I can just chuck in a pot add some vegetables to and eat away. I love that the majority of the produce is from Tasmania itself and that there is so much choice! Here’s a link to their page, and if you’re ever in the area and feel like checking it out, Go!



Foody goody @ Kuching Malaysia


Rating 3.0 / 5.0 stars

Rating 3.0 / 5.0 stars

Mmmmmmmmm, sooooo much food!!! Seriously this was breakfast.

So we started with the laksa (top left) not bad, nice taste, enough salt, enough prawns and what not, only problem is don’t go late as they water it down at the end I think because the broth was quite weak when we went. I’ve found my new favourite breakfast food as well in Kuching, its the asian version of a bagel, kong piah (man autocorrect really doesn’t like that word) its basically fried bread with a meat filling. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great here, but that does mean I’ve got a new food to search for at all the stalls! I also love the youtiao filled with kaya(bottom right), it is so fattening but delicious, its got that gooey oozy kaya spread inside the just fried crunchy youtiao, wow just talking about it makes my mouth water. And last but not least we have the kueh chup, which is nice as well I’m not a big fan of this dish, -no idea why it really should appeal to me, but that is complete personal preference, and from what I heard from the people eating me and what I tasted myself its definitely not bad here.

Anyway I won’t bore you with anymore details, but if you’re ever in the area go give this place a shot 🙂

Lot 4126 Jalan Stapok, 93250 Kuching, Malaysia.

The Pizza Pub – Review


Rating 3.0 / 5.0 stars

Rating 3.0 / 5.0 stars

I’ve recently been in Tasmania and been crazing pizza. But not just any pizza, the cheesy, chewy, crunchy pizza, with sauce oozing, and toppings galore. Turns out, this was the place to go! It was great, there was such a friendly atmosphere, quirky butchers paper as tablecloths, candlelit tables, and of course awesome company. We decided on ordering two large pizzas to share and ordered the ‘Red Centre’ and the ‘Pizza Pub Super’ and yep it was super all right! Soooo many toppings serious you name it, that pizza has it, salami, ham ,cheese, capsicum, onion, olives, mushroom, pineapple, prawns and anchovies 😀 I love anchovies! Now comes WARNING time, because the ‘Red Centre’ is hot. We added the jalapeno’s and that had us all calling one word, “Water!”. It’s seriously not too bad at first but the heat, it grows! There’s no way to eat more than one slice at time, you have to alternate with another pizza or ur mouth just burns!

Now the way to end any delicious dinner of course is dessert, and what goes better after pizza than ice-cream 🙂 They have great sundays, jazzed up with a little sugar art, and its just mmm the perfect way to end the evening.

— and on a side note, for the starving student, yes they do do cheap Tuesdays here, where the pizzas are half off 😀