Tony Roma’s -Review


Rating 3.0 / 5.0 stars

mmm ribs, so juicy, so succulent, with meat just dripping off the bone. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it!

I’m in the most boring lecture at the moment! I’ve been sitting here for well over an hour and I honestly can’t even tell you what it’s about. I swear they’re trying to bore us to death with pointless lectures. Oh well at least I have this blog to amuse my self with for the next hour. So I went to eat here, several weeks ago for fathers day and it was delicious, the only problem was parking, the fact they forgot one of our dishes and the freakishly bad acoustics.

We of course started with the onion loaf and the fire wings. Only problem was the fire wings never came! It’s usually one of my favourites, and probably would have boosted my rating of the place, but unfortunately there was just too much people for the staff. The onion loaf was fine as per usual, there was nothing really special about it, and of course beware the oil, I swear it was swimming in it!

Now to the ribs! Now if you ever go here to eat ALWAYS ORDER THE RIBS! Going to a rib place and not ordering is idiotic at best, oh and vegetarians beware this place is not for the faint of heart, if you can’t stand the sight of anyone eating meat do not come here. There’s no way you can avoid seeing the average carnivore gnawing the flesh of ribs! Hopefully I haven’t scared you with that imagery!

The major problem with this place really is poor acoustics! Idiotically built to retain sound, you literally can’t hear anyone on your table speak unless they yell at you, and with the place all covered with no windows open it is just way, way , way too loud in there!

Regardless I still love coming here just for the ribs, and I can’t wait till the next time it’s someones birthday or anniversary so I have an excuse to come!

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