Kailis Brothers Fish Cafe Review

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I love fresh seafood. The kind that you know had been wriggling around a day ago. I actually hadn’t found a really fresh seafood place (other than catching it myself that is) until three days ago when I finally got around to eating at this place. See I usually go to greens and co next door for dessert and every time i go there I always want to try kalis. Thank goodness I finally did because their seafood is mmm delicious.

So lets start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start, when you eat you begin with…… (sorry was just watching Sound of Music, couldn’t help it). Oysters!!!! We had oysters Kilpatrick – unfortunately we didn’t try them raw, but regardless they were fantastic! Plump and juicy and …oystery, you could tell they were sooooo fresh, there honestly wasn’t enough for all of us to share. I think the produce here really speaks for itself, and they know how to dress it perfectly, bringing the best out of the ingredients.

The fish of course was fantastic, there was no need for fancy cooking. It was perfect on its own with a delicious chunky tartare sauce that had me asking for more. It again depends on the type of fish that you like, we went for the whiting and the cobbler. I honestly prefer whiting as it doesn’t taste as …mushy, and just feels much mores substantial, I know that’s an odd analogy, but hey I’ve had only 4 hours sleep and I have a cold so… ! The one thing about these dishes was that their portions, for that price were quite small, – maybe it was because of the produce freshness but even so…we ordered like 7-8 dishes between 5 of us and it still wasn’t enough so we had to order again.

We also ordered the whitebait which was delicious, but you’ve got to eat it quick, as once it goes cold like any whitebait, it goes kinda gross.The chilli mussels were of course next on the agenda, and while they were good, there wasn’t anything extra special about them. The sauce didn’t have that wow factor, and it it was less chilli more thin tomatoey(I’m in a bad spelling/grammer/make up your own words mood!) but again the fresh mussels were fantastic, I seriously think their produce is what sells the dishes not how they cook it. I mean it was cooked fine, don’t get me wrong, but their seafood was just so unbelievably fresh that it just shone throughout he cooking….if that makes sense.

Anyway regardless, I love the food and would definitely go back soon …if it wasn’t for the high price tag and not so brilliant service (I honestly don’t think their waiters know how to smile). Maybe I’ll try it again next year!

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