Jus burgers Subiaco -Review

Rating: 1.5 / 5

ok so I know its been a very long time since my last post, but I have been busy and weirdly enough…actually wait its not that weird for me…… I’ve been having a bad luck streak! It all started off why the chain of my cross breaking, then I managed to whack my leg on a chair- massive bruise, accidentally crashed a date and ended up playing fifth wheel, nearly got hit by a car on  a zebra crossing, car broke down and actually started steaming from the hood (it was quite hilarious actually), got placed into a tute group that normally finishes early except when I joined it decided to finish really late, and my phone died. This was all in the span of a couple of days, sooooo odd. I must have broke a mirror, or karma is catching up to me!

Anyway been so freakishly busy that I’ve barely had a chance to eat let alone cook, so instead I think you’ll probably get quite a few reviews instead of recipes for the next week or so. This isn’t the best picture as we were outside and it had started to rain, so we all scampered into a dark corner, I’m pretty sure it’s my hand in all those pics as well- I was starving!

So onto the food- sorry if this sounds manic I’ve had like three hours sleep again! The burgers were……….hmm not fantastic for that price, honestly they were actually a bit dry. It’s not the first time I’ve eaten there, and I actually prefer Grill’d, but they have awesome onion rings! We ordered a couple of burgers and all in all they pretty much needed something else. One of my mates even ordered extra mushrooms, but they were just too sweet! All in all bit of a let down, but at least I got my onion rings out of it!

Anyway I wouldn’t really recommend going again….. unless you feel like onion rings!

Jus Burgers (Subiaco) on Urbanspoon


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