Pancakes at Carillon Review

Rating: 2.8 / 5.0

mmm have I mentioned I love pancakes.

Stick any pancakes in front of me at any time of the day and I’ll be happy. It doesn’t matter if its dinner, lunch, or that random midnight snack, pancakes always make me smile 🙂 I eat here quite regularly because….well i like pancakes and this is one of the only places in the city that does pancakes at lunch. I know its odd, but seriously when am going to wake up in time for breakfast!

So to the food, it’s not extravagant or out of the ordinary, what you see is what you get. It’s a hearty pancakes, bacon and eggs meal. If you go before 11 you can choose one of their many breakfast plates, and it’s the perfect brunch spot. They make lovely fluffy pancakes and the mayple syrup (flavouring- it’s never going to be real maple syrup!)is add your own, with no limit on how sugary sweet you want it. I must say their scrambled eggs and sausages aren’t brilliant, but they’re still ok to eat, and does anyone else love banoffee shakes- in case you don’t know what that is it is a thick gooey banana and coffee shake which is delicious. I also love how colourful and open it is, with Jamie Oliver always blaring on the TV, old style booths, and the staff are always friendly. There are of course other meals to get beside pancakes, and they do great crepes (but in the end I always go back to the pancakes!), also their desert pancakes are nice- a little sweet for me most of the time, but that’s just personal preference.

Anyway after a full morning of shopping this is the perfect place to crash, and regardless of the calories I can’t help myself and keep going back.

Pancakes at Carillon on Urbanspoon


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