The Margaret River Chocolate Co. Review

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Here’s something I wrote a while ago and never got around to posting, anyway better late then never and I’ve made it short and sweet!

mmmchocolate! We managed to head down to Margaret river again during the week, and after last weeks success we figured why not finish on another chocolate factory. The chocolate co has been established for quite a while and used to be a favourite of my brother I when we were kids. Its always delicious and fun to go to, and we love trying as many chocolate drops as possible!
Again it’s a great family place and the scenery is lovely. The icecream is also delicious, I can never get enough of their rum an raisin, it’s just so mmm…….. This shop is still my favourite chocolate place in Margaret River, its just got that FUN feeling whenever you walk through the door. There is also a lot of variety that you can choose from and a cafe at the side. Its the perfect afternoon cup of tea (or hot chocolate if you’re like me!) kind of place..

Margaret River Chocolate Company on Urbanspoon


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