Ten Ten Kitchen Review

Rating: 3.8 / 5 stars

Jeez so much fat bleugh- not here, sorry don’t mean this place at all- this place is great, I am talking about my lab class. I have a dissection class and gross!!!!!! Seriously you do not know how much fat is in the human body, and it just oozes and goes everywhere, it looks just like custard. I delightfully managed to flick myself in the face with bodily fluids (lost my grip of the forceps) and ugh, it ended up all over me. I couldn’t even go home to shower straight away as I had back to back classes till 6pm, my own smell made me nauseous. Later that night I even sneaked into the laundry room at my old college as no way was that fluid filled lab coat going into my washing machine- absolutely NO WAY! Not that I don’t enjoy the class, it’s my favourite out of all my classes, its soooo cool 🙂 I managed to dissect out the sternocleidomastoid muscle today, I also got the chance to dissect around the skull, and found the frontalis muscle and superficial temporal vein. I know this sounds gross so I better stop before I put you off your food! Anyway at the moment I’m writing this up instead of doing my prelab- seriously if I have to do any more study on the scapula I’m going to need 17 cups of coffee! (Favourite number- not just a random number of cups of coffee that I drink, I only average 5 a day!). Before I start rambling again I better get on with the review, so here it is!

mmmlaksa, delicious! This is one of our family’s favourite haunts, it tastes great, the price is really good and don’t forget the easy parking at the back! Seriously though I’ve been eating the laksa for years, its got the perfect balance of flavour, with just enough coconut milk to make you come back for more. I honestly don’t even remember what other dishes that I commonly eat here because all I ever order is the laksa! Lol we did eat here a week ago though so lets see what I remember… the beef rendang is standout and will have you mopping up the sauce with your rice until there’s no more, and my brother just loves the noodles. The Hainese chicken rice is popular and very tasty and I love the fact that they put sambal in the fried rice 😛

The service here is hilarious though “You want, you don’t want?” in other words they’re rude and obnoxious…. but the food’s great! Its not so much rudeness, but asian brashness I think, because sometimes they’re not too bad, it really depends on the day. Also their opening days vary, and don’t ask the staff because they don’t know thenselves, one time we wanted to go on one of the public holidays and we specifically asked the owner if she was opening that day, she said yes, we drove all the way there only to find it was closed. Then somedays when they told us they’re closed we’ve driven past and found the restaurant packed like sardines!

Anyways, regardless of all this it is still one of our family’s favourite restaurants, and we’ll always keep coming back as long as the food stays brilliant and the sun keeps shining away!

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