Asian Cuisine Review

Rating: 3.8 / 5 stars

OMG!! How have we not known about this place until now. It is delicious, cheap, and….mmm.

I’m currently writing this review during a lecture, sarcomeres,and slow and fast isoforms of myosin filaments are trickling past my eyes, wow I forgot how easy it is to tune out during a lecture, I need coffee….actually I feel like an apple weird! Today is actually a very exciting day for me as the orchestra I run has its first rehearsal of this semester. I can’t wait! We’re playing…wait for it…….. the Harry Potter suites! and the Avengers theme song, as well as the Bach double and sain saints dance macabre! It should be awesome, our final concert is in 8 wks, and all money raised is going to telethon. I’ve been jumping up and down for this concert for months so I can’t believe its finally happening 🙂 I can hear the second movement of Bach in my head now, its like……drinking the most complex soup in the world, the passion and emotion slowly trickling down your throat. Very weird analogy I know- too much food and music I think is starting to get to me! Anyway before I get too sidetracked as per usual I better stop, and begin the review!

So lets start with curry! Best curry I’ve tasted in a WA restaurant so far. It was made perfectly, with just the right amount of coconut milk and all the flavours just fit together like an intricately constructed jigsaw puzzle! The roti was fantastic as well, i couldn’t get enough of it and was fighting my brother for the last piece!

The special black bean fish was delicious ( I love the eye, I know it sounds gross, but it really is the best part!) and the flavour was extraordinary, It was like a sweet, salty, bitter sauce that you couldn’t get enough off. the fish itself was also fried first, so it had that crispy outer skin that just gave that lovely texture contrast to the dish. The rendang and noodles were also great, but the intensity of flavour just couldn’t compete with the curry. The chendol surprisingly wasn’t actually made in this restaurant they get it from the restaurant next door- maybe the owners are friends? Either way it was delicious, and actually authentic!

I definitely love this restaurant and will be visiting it again, and again,and again – you get the gist!

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2 thoughts on “Asian Cuisine Review

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  2. Yeah great food. The cendol and ice kacang are from there other restaurant bamboo also in the same complex. I think they own the whole block or something. LOL

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