Eagle Bay Brewing Co Review


Rating: 3.8 / 5 stars

An eagle among chickens!

It really is a hidden treasure, its quite out of the way from most of the wineries in Margaret River so it’s easily missed, but its well worth the extra drive. We actually went to visit the brewery after a horrible meal at Wise wines restaurant, and it really made our day (and stomachs) feel better! The atmosphere is fantastic, and its so much fun trying the beers. I know I sound so much like a girl when I say this (as my brother so dutifully informed me when I said this) but the tasting trays- they’re so cute! The beers of course are very good- this place definitely beats the other two breweries in Margaret River, and the food is surprisingly fantastic, this combined with the laid back atmosphere makes it so much fun to visit and I could definitely see this place as becoming one of my regular haunts.

We decided to go again for lunch a week later as my grandma was visiting us from Perth, and it was one of the most amusing trips I’ve had in a long time. This was her first trip down here with us, and boy can she drink! I think tasting to her is a concept, where as drinking is the reality, we managed to visit 5-6 wineries and everytime we blinked the wine disappeared. Hats off to Driftwood wines, extremely nice bloke who’s “she must have liked it, its all gone” after every single glass had us cracking up each time, and Credaro wines where grandma’s “why not” whenever she offered a new wine to try, even had her opening and drinking a new bottle of sparkling with us. What a charmer, best grandma ever!

Anyway I better get back to the food otherwise we might end up with another essay post. So we all decided to order and share, and what better to order in a pub than pizza, burgers, and fish and chips. After the food came …pub food……… no way! It was brilliant, it looked more like a 3 star restaurant style meal. The pizza was delicious we ordered a Moroccan pizza with dried apricots and feta cheese that had me popping extra lactose pills just so I could have another slice! And when the fries came out and we could’t believe we were sitting in a brewery, they were so quick and friendly with the service that we even ordered a second helping to go with the beer. Fish was great, burger was average – a little dry, so stick with the pizza if you come here, but seriously I can’t wait to come here another time, it’s a great hangout place, with a gorgeous view, mmm food, and good beer , what more could you want 🙂

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