Broken Hill Hotel restaurant Review

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

The road to broken hill is hilarious! So my grandma wanted to go shopping in vic park, and because it’s holidays and we all have nothing to do, we figured why don’t we all come along and then all have lunch together. My brother is very much a steak person and so we figured why not try out the balmoral hotel. So being the avid food OCD researcher, I googled the place and checked out what it was rated etc. The one idiotic thing that I forgot to do was research where the hell the place was…. not so bad if you’re pretty ok with directions and can do it on the run (i.e. like all normal people out there) I on the other hand get lost everywhere. Somehow I inherited no sense of direction, seriously, friends have to pull me in the right direction when exiting lecture theatres as I always go the wrong way! Anyway after shopping, my mum – who thought she knew where the place was pulled up behind the hotel and we went in through the back. Because Vic park is relatively small we thought it had to be the place, because two hotels so close to each other would be silly right……apparently not. Now being the unobservant people that we are, we ordered while chatting away, and thoroughly enjoyed lunch, it was so good we figured why not check out dessert (while patting ourself on the back for discovering this place). The menus come back and then we realise…holy crap we’re at the wrong place!!!!! It was hilarious, we were all pissing ourself laughing afterwards, we’d managed to eat an entire meal without realising where we were, thank god the food was good, otherwise we never would have order dessert, and I would have probably written a terrible review on the wrong place!

Anyway I’d better write about the food now otherwise you’ll think I’m just a crazy, no sense of directions, unobservant person (which I pretty much am, but hey at least I still manage to find good food at the end of all my crazy journeys!).

So we ordered the fish and chips and…..gasp it was actually fresh! flaky, and delicious, their homemade tartare left something to be desired but the dish overall was great, with plenty of flavour and a nice salad to go along with it. The crispy pork belly was much too sweet for my liking though, and the crackle missed that teeth hurting crunch. Their prawns with lemon and chilli dressing was very nice and light (beware the garlic though! good thing they give free breath mints at the end!) and the steak sandwich was perfect pub food. It was odd that this place was so empty though – maybe because it was a Monday but it was great for us as the service was fast, and the staff were great.

For dessert we shared the sticky date and rum pudding, which was mmmdelicious. They managed to make it so it wasn’t over sweet, and it wasn’t too heavy. It really finished out the meal nicely, overall I really liked this place and would definitely stop by again the next time we’re in that direction.

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