Wise Wine Restaurant Review

Rating: 0.5 / 5 stars

It is unwise to eat at Wise today,

For tongues may writhe in bitter salads plate.

Parchment is moist compared to veal’s dry way

and polenta is shaped like ugly weights.

Poor little duck, its life destroyed, for what?

An average dish, with bland green flan and pears.

Its wine detracts, but beers ideal ? Give up!

A winery that can’t match wine, BEWARE

Pasta’s black ink can strike the artists eye,

But clumps and scorched small prawns destroy the taste.

Only the view inspires my mind to fly,

or Shakespeare’s wit to write reviews when spaced.

Bad food, and little cost? mmm… no such luck 😦

In other words, refrain, don’t go, it sucks!

Top left: Margaret River venison with polenta. Top right: Nero Tagliatelle mare. Bottom: half duck, spinach & truffle oil flan, caramelised pear.

…….. please excuse the sonnet its been a long dull day………… anyways in case it wasn’t clear it sucks.

Wise Vineyard Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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