Gabriel Chocolate Review

A chocoholic haven! This place just screams family, especially for those non wine drinkers and skippers when visiting Margaret River.

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

This is also the first chocolate place that can actually assure no nuts! I’m allergic to hazelnut myself and when I asked about whether it would be safe for me to consume, the staff could actually say with confidence that there was no nuts and that there would be no cross contamination -as there is only nuts added to one of their types of chocolate, and it is just sprinkled on at the end.

Hot chocolate @ Gabriel Chocolate

This place is delicious with just the right amount of chocolate for  a cold wintery day. They’re unique in that they make the chocolate from bean to end product, and the staff know the production process. The milk chocolate just melts in your mouth and the dark chocolate has the perfect amount of bitterness to level the sweetness. The beans come from many different regions, and this is the place to go if you want to taste the variety. The hot chocolate was ……..mmmhot chocolate. You could taste all the nuances of the liquid dark chocolate, and the flavour just rolled down my oesophagus. It had it all, a delicious drink, a cute ice-cream sandwich to match, and the perfect sunset ending to a days outing in Margaret River.

Tasting section!

Cute ice cream sandwich

Gabriel Chocolate on Urbanspoon


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