The Studio Bistro & Art Gallery review

I finally found it! A place that has the mmm factor. It has it all, the charming location, delightful staff, and delicious food.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Hot smoked Tasmanian salmon, waldorf salad, and apple jelly

It was two hours of pure bliss, I was in foodie heaven. It had the perfect amount of deliciousness and atmosphere, that my family just loved. It was exactly what we needed for a relaxing holiday lunch. We managed to arrive 20mis early – as the kitchen doesn’t open till 12, which was actually perfect timing as it gave us a chance to check out the art gallery. It was beautiful, with many landscapes by local artists that captured the South West idyllically

So lets start with the entrees, the salmon was delicious. It had that melt in the mouth texture, the perfect crunch from the apples, and the correct sweetness from the jelly. It was truly  a dish that fell together. With four of us sharing two entrees, it was gone in the blink of an eye. The second entree that we ordered was one of the specials – note to any future eater of this restaurant- Don’t order the specials.Both the main and entree specials that we ordered lacked the panache of the menu based orders. The entree was a prawn and sardine dish, however the prawns were not brilliantly cooked, and did not seem particularly fresh, tasting extremely fishy- whether they were poorly cleaned, old or were just cooked weirdly idk. The sardines however were great and the salad average. However with 33.3% of the dish being a let down I wouldn’t likely go for this dish again.

The barramundi was superb- it was a flaky and succulent fish, matched with a artichoke puree and grapefruit salad that just dissolved into a salivating mess in your mouth. The Tenderidge fillet steak and royal blue chips with Cafe de Paris and roasted mushroom had a mouthwatering sauce, and the wines matched brilliantly. The special- crispy pork, unfortunately was a little overcooked and loaded with beans to try to coverup this dryness, and regardless of how crispy the crackling may have been the result was not satisfactory.

The desert was a delight. The chocolate and prune tart was just plain mmm, and the pistachio creme brûlée exceeded my wildest expectations, with the rhubarb compote perfectly countering the brûlée’s sweetness.

Crisp skinned Cone Bay Barramundi, Jerusalem artichoke puree, grapefruit and crab salad

Warm chocolate, prune and brandy tart, creme fraiche Chantilly and chocolate custard

From the top left clockwise: Pistachio creme brûlée, mandarin tuile and rhubarb compote. Prawn and sardine entree. Crisp skinned barramundi(shown in picture above). Crispy pork main.

This is definitely a restaurant that I would come back to!

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