Satay Mu review

So here is my first ever review.

This is the first restaurant I visited after first sem exams finished (Yay yay yay!!!) and it was great. It was just what I needed after weeks of solid junk food and caffeine!


Rating : 3.8 / 5 stars

Now I know I should start at the beginning, but I’m one of those people that just love to sneak a peak at the end of a book when you know the ending will be scrumdiddlyumptious, so DESSERT! It was definitely the shinning star of the place with an Ice chendol which could cause a coconut induced fever, and Bubur Chacha to bring back lovely memories of grandma. Now for those who’ve never heard of these dishes before they are a malaysian must! Chendol (- usually a drink), is an shaved ice, palm sugar, coconut, jelly and bean dessert that is just perfect on a hot and humid day, and Bubur Chacha is a warm coconut, sago, yam and sweet potato desert that will have you drooling at the mouth for more.  It was so delicious I’ve already gone back for seconds!

Mains is an adventure!

Mount Everest I must conquer! And I shall with succulent pork just falling off the bone. Lol no really their pork was ginormous, seriously here’s a picture, it took five of us to even tackle eating it, and we ended up taking two takeaway containers of it back with us.

stewed pork

BUTTTTTTT! the ‘specialty’ -char kueh teow- fail! It was just too oily to be good enough.

The satay was average but still good, and there  was a very nice peanut sauce that I would have just loved more of- but be warned its hotness level varies on different days, and the drunken chicken definitely has quite a kick to it! Its a great place for lunch – with a nasi lemak that actually has really, really good samba -in which for the first time ever (not including home made of course!) you can actually taste the prawns 🙂


nasi lemak

In other words, a great restaurant with friendly staff and delicious food that will be making you come back for more. mmmjustlovely!

Satay-Mu on Urbanspoon


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